Sustainability is not a trend, it is the “new normal.” Responsible corporate governance aspects have become a key pillar of all business strategies and serve as the foundations for future business models, too. There is a clear expectation that businesses be aware of the impacts of their actions on the environment, society, and their own workforce and that they react accordingly.

This new awareness is also reflected in the political framework, both at the national and the European level. Be it the CSR Directive Implementation Act (CSR-RUG), the Due Diligence Act regarding human rights in the supply chain, the German federal government’s Climate Action Programme 2030, or the European Commission’s Green Deal, companies are facing ever greater requirements and are having to respond accordingly. 

The capital market is likewise increasingly moving in the direction of sustainable finance. Tools like ESG ratings and green bonds are experiencing a new level of attention. For the business world, these developments mean new focal topics in the area of corporate responsibility – for example climate strategies, corporate digital responsibility, and the measurement of social impact. Such requirements and responsibilities will decisively shape the way in which companies act in the future.

For clients, business partners, and investors, too, sustainability has long since ceased being a niche topic. On the contrary: they expect informed strategies and quantifiable goals in order that the company’s progress can be verified and compared. Transparent communication about your company’s sustainability performance has a key part to play here in living up to the ever-greater requirements.

We will assist you in strengthening sustainability at your company and in making a success of your transformation both within and outside of the bounds of your company.


Sustainable and socially responsible business practices offer all kinds of opportunities for a company’s growth and success. A tailored, company-wide sustainability strategy with quantifiable goals and measures and key control figures serves as the basis for effective sustainability management.

Scholz & Friends Reputation will assist you in defining and implementing an effective sustainability strategy that makes corporate responsibility and integral part of your operations.


A materiality analysis identifies the sustainability topics that are especially relevant to your company and your stakeholders. This then serves as the basis for developing a comprehensive sustainability strategy. 

Scholz & Friends Reputation will assist you with preparing and executing the materiality analysis, taking into account the latest reporting requirements.


With a CR report, companies provide information about their sustainability performance and the impacts of their business activities on the environment, society, and economy. And the demands made by external stakeholders regarding sustainability reporting are continuously growing – at the national and international level, there are increasingly legal provisions, guidelines, and standards regarding transparent reporting. 

Scholz & Friends Reputation will take you through the entire process of producing a CR or sustainability report, from the concept and data collection through to editing and the layout.


Successful sustainability communication presents a company’s sustainability performance credibly and transparently. It is aimed at sustainability experts within civil society, the scientific community, the capital market, and politics and spreads key messages via a wide array of channels.

Scholz & Friends Reputation will assist you with developing the concept for a comprehensive communication strategy and will identify the relevant topics, arguments, story lines, target groups, and communication channels.


Brand communication that includes corporate responsibility and sustainability topics and communicates the company’s clear position regarding these topics offers a company key advantages. 

To ensure successful sustainability marketing, Scholz & Friends Reputation oversees the development of campaigns. We will identify key messages and narratives about sustainability which are suitable for you and will develop together with you formats for communicating complex content.