In a materiality analysis, the sustainability topics of particular relevance to a company and its stakeholders are identified. The materiality analysis then serves as the basis for developing a comprehensive sustainability strategy for your company. The analysis can also be used to precisely pinpoint the concrete impacts of your company’s business activities on various sustainability aspects. The materiality process generally results in a materiality matrix with a list of the material topics. These are then incorporated into sustainability reporting in accordance with global specifications like the GRI Standards and CSR-RUG. 

Scholz & Friends Reputation oversees the preparation and execution of materiality analyses that comply with the latest reporting requirements. This includes drawing up topic lists and conducting stakeholder surveys and expert interviews. We moderate workshops to determine impact and business relevance, and subsequently identify your material topics as the results of the analysis. With the aid of materiality analyses, companies determine the content pillars on which their sustainability strategy and sustainability management will be built. 

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    We have extensive experience of CSR and sustainability-related topics: sustainability strategy, materiality analysis, CR reports, sustainability communication, sustainability marketing, stakeholder management, social engagement, focal topics.

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    Scholz & Friends Reputation is a member of the Global Reporting Initiative’s GRI Community.


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