Strategic stakeholder management enables companies to identify the needs and requirements of the relevant interest groups and incorporate them into decision-making processes. Ongoing dialogue with these stakeholder groups is expedient here in order to understand the expectations of important stakeholders and identify social trends and developments at an early stage.  

The sustainability experts at Scholz & Friends Reputation will develop and oversee dialogue formats that we tailor specifically to the requirements and framework conditions – personally on-site or by means of digital technologies. Be it stakeholder surveys and expert interviews, stakeholder conferences, or background briefings, dovetailing of the formats that suit a particular company leads to successful stakeholder management. This should take not only external, but also internal interest groups into account. By engaging in regular exchange with their stakeholder groups, companies can boost their credibility and generate understanding for the complexity of corporate decisions. 

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    We have extensive experience of CSR and sustainability-related topics: sustainability strategy, materiality analysis, CR reports, sustainability communication, sustainability marketing, stakeholder management, social engagement, focal topics.

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    Christiane Stöhr, Dr. Norbert Taubken

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