Global challenges and development goals like the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals present business and industry with a sizable task. But sustainable business practices and assuming social responsibility also offer companies major opportunities for long-term growth and success. 

To exploit this potential, the sustainability experts at Scholz & Friends Reputation assist companies in developing a tailored sustainability strategy and in backing this up with quantifiable goals and measures. To do so, we define key control figures and perform materiality analyses. This enables companies to position themselves credibly and to contribute to sustainable development in their core business in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

A company-wide sustainability strategy serves as the foundation for effective sustainability management. Scholz & Friends Reputation will oversee its implementation such that the strategic groundwork can effectively applied and corporate responsibility is firmly embedded in all of a company’s divisions. 

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    We have extensive experience of CSR and sustainability-related topics: sustainability strategy, materiality analysis, CR reports, sustainability communication, sustainability marketing, stakeholder management, social engagement, focal topics.

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    Christiane Stöhr, Dr. Norbert Taubken

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    Scholz & Friends Reputation is a member of the Global Reporting Initiative’s GRI Community.

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