Brand communication that includes corporate responsibility and sustainability topics and communicates the company’s clear position regarding these topics has the potential to generate added value. The resultant effects can encompass customer retention, pricing, the acquisition of new target groups, and employee loyalty. This allows businesses to lastingly strengthen their brand. Sustainability marketing turns carefully selected sustainability messages into promotions and campaigns. These are aimed in particular at consumers, but they must also withstand critical inspection from sustainability experts and consumer advocates. 

To ensure successful sustainability marketing, Scholz & Friends Reputation oversees the development of campaigns. We identify the key messages and narratives about sustainability that are well suited and develop, among other things, infographics to communicate complex content. As part of our consulting services, we identify the communication channels that are appropriate for your target groups, including in social media. Creative and design ideas are realized within the Scholz & Friends Group. 

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    Scholz & Friends Reputation

    We have extensive experience of CSR and sustainability-related topics: sustainability strategy, materiality analysis, CR reports, sustainability communication, sustainability marketing, stakeholder management, social engagement, focal topics.

    Our management team

    Christiane Stöhr, Dr. Norbert Taubken

    Community member mark 2022

    Scholz & Friends Reputation is a member of the Global Reporting Initiative’s GRI Community.


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    Scholz & Friends Group is one of the leading creative agency groups in the German-speaking world and, as the “Orchestra of Ideas”, it unites all communication instruments under one roof. In addition to our German offices in Hamburg, Berlin and Düsseldorf, the network operates in other European markets as well.